sounds like a gimic to me
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u can change tunings in a flash. u could always use a block of wood to block ur trem.
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sounds like a gimic to me

nope, those things are amazing!

worth every penny.
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Actually there's a huge group of people down at sevenstirng dot org thats been talking about them for a while and from what i hear, they're amazing
I would like to have some versatility.

With the tremol-no, there are 3 modes.

The first is floating, which works as it always has worked.

The second is hard-tail, where you get added sustain, and works exactly like a guitar with a fixed bridge. You can change tunings without the other strings changing pitch. You can even pick 2 strings at the same time, bend one of them, and the other string will not go flat..

The last one is Deep-C. In this mode, you can use your tremolo bar to dive but you cannot flutter. You can still change tunings and you will get more sustain, but when you bend a string, the other strings will still go flat.

What would you rather get, a fixed bridge guitar or a floating guitar with a tremel-no?
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