Are there any tips and tricks you guys could give me to memorizing all the notes on the fretboard? I feel it would really help in chord identification, creating my own arpeggios, etc. etc. I just get a bit overwhelmed when I look at a graph that shows every note, and end up just saying "screw it".

So, do you guys have any ideas?
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It's a lot of work, and there are many ways to do it. One of the guys around here has an excellent method of learning them (I wish I had thought of it when I was learning the notes).

Theres the tried and true method of going up and down each string, singing the note names of each fret.

Another way I used is to go around the circle of fifths, finding every postition of the note. So I'd start at C and find every C on every string, then move on to G, D, A etc all around the circle. This helps memorise the notes as well as the Co5. You should sing each note.

Another good way is when you are practicing scales, sing out the names of the notes you are playing.
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The easiest thing I've seen is to start with your tuning notes.

You tune your A string to the 5th fret on your E string, so logically that note is A. Repeat this across the neck, and then go down chromatically from there.

"If the 5th fret on my A string is D, then the 4th fret must be Db/C#. If the 4th fret is C#, the 3rd is C."

Once you have the first 5 frets on each string mastered, move on to the next 5 frets, but note the pattern: Frets 6-10 on the E string are the same notes as frets 1-5 on the A string.

Once you get to the 12th fret, start over: 12 is the same note as the open string, 13 is the same note as 1, etc.

Soon that diagram that shows all the notes won't be so cryptic. In fact, copying it from memory while you're bored in class or something is a really good way to practice.
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Thanks a lot guys =] Both sound like good ways to start actually relating it to things I already know and forming a pattern out of it that isn't so brutal. I'll probably print out one of the diagrams and stare at it during class too.
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