i'm thinking of getting an ibanez or possibly an agile 7 string guitar.
but i'd like to upgrade the pickups.
i was looking at dimarzios or emgs.
what kind of pickup combination should i use?
with a 7 string ill be playing in drop A# or drop G# with lots of gain so im looking for high output.
The new Duncan Blackouts came out recently they're actives that DONT need any routing for installation if you have a guitar made for passives.

The EMG 707's are supposed to be pretty good and come with the Jeff Loomis Sig (made by schecter)

Dimarzio makes a few but i dont care much for em
what about a dimarzio dp700 blaze for the neck and an x2n dp705 for the bridge
sorry if this is dumb, im not too knowledgeable about 7 string pickups.
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I think DiMarzio in this case, maybe an Air Norton 7 and a D-Sonic 7?

That's the exact pickup combo I decided on after extensive review reading. Never got around to getting them yet but should be a nice combination.
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