why do they move? I swear I was staring at them for awhile today and was like "OMG theyz movin like lava lamps!" so I asked a friend and he's noticed the same thing....so anyone got an answer?

You showed your friend your balls?

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You showed your friend your balls?


ah tits...i just re-read it and darn....he was talking bout his.
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You showed your friend your balls?


Lmfao. +1
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So... why was thou investigating thine testicles?

Like... why were you doing that?

you don't inspect yourself on a weekly basis? i r checking for lumps.
People should be more familiar with their junk.

Anyway, they move for a whole lot of reasons, a couple of which were mentioned. Breathing, temperature control, etc...
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haha i got a funny story too

1 time, i was in the shower(this was about 5 years ago) and i looked at my balls and im like, "yay black hair, puberty!!!!1" it turned out it was just an ingrown hair.........
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you don't inspect yourself on a weekly basis? i r checking for lumps.
I don't inspect myself, per se, but I keep myself familiar.
dude honestley theres nothing better then laying on your couch butt naked when no ones around on a warm saturday afternoon and playing with your balls
and if thats not normal i dont know what is

Yeah, your balls actually scrunch up and loosen up accordingly to the temperature,, because your testicles must be 2 degrees lower than your body temperature to produce sperm.

And coughing causes them to move also. This is why, if you've ever had a physical, a doctor will grab your balls and ask you to "turn your head and cough."