I took a song I made called Acoustic/Electric, which was pretty good, and I added some volume swells, and did a little bit of editing. I hope you like it. It's on my profile.
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...nice opening. Like the two guitar sounds together.

But... I think I'd roll back the EQ a bit on the high end of the acoustic so it isn't covering the same frequencies as the electric part. At least experiment with the guitar EQ's see if I couldn't get them off of each other a bit.

Some of your runs sound a bit tentative. This is so subjective - I almost would not mention it - but it was my observation. If it were my lead part, I'd probably improv a 2nd one - possibly with a similar or identical tone - and cherry pick from both.

Overall - I thought it was a cool sounding instrumental.

Here're a couple of thread where you can poop all over my songs.

My Whammy Madness in Em thread.
My Relationship Mode thread.
I really liked the full soundscape you painted with that man. It was a great mix, but through my speakers the lead guitar was a bit too sharp-edged as far as EQ, but just a little. But that's the only negative thing I really heard.
After I do some of the other crits I promised, I'll definitely come back and give the rest of your MP3's a listen.

I really appreciate your comment on my Riff Ideas II vid!