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So here's the deal, an offer has come up for I might consider, with your help of course. A friend of a friend is wanting to sell his 1983 Martin D-2832 for $1000.00, so all i'm wondering is, is it a good guitar for the money? I'm going to try it out in a couple of days but I just thought I would ask now, just to see what you guys think.
I'm pretty sure the D2832 (Shenandoah) has laminated back/sides and was made in Japan.
Never played one.
If you look around you can probably find a used D28 for $1200-$1400
^-- correct. i wouldn't even consider one for $1000. you can get a brand new, all-solid D-15 for that!
Yeah, but an all solid D-15 (assuming your talking of the "Custom D" Rosewood), does not have the gloss finish or history of a D-28.

Otherwise, you cannot compare a mahogany back, sides, and top D-15 to a D-28.
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The history of a D-28 and the history of a D-2832 is vastly different. The only history that the D-2832 has in common with the D-28 is that it's a dreadnought. Have you ever played a D-2832?

The D-15, whether custom spruce/rosewood or traditional mahogany/mahogany is a much better instrument than the D-2832 imo. I do prefer a D-28 to a D-15... but the D-2832 is not a D-28. It seems silly to me to prefer golssy laminated woods to matte solid woods.
Is it the Shenandoah D-2832? If that is the case, that price is somewhat high for a used model. Granted, it might sound a little better if it is 23 years old, but it is still a laminate guitar. Look for something with solid wood.

Edit: Like others said, keep in mind that it is NOT a real D-28.
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gloss shouldn't be important for any guitar. in fact, it's argueable that guitars without gloss will sound a bit better because they dont have anything to hinder their vibrations.
^ True, although I do like gloss finishes.
And it is somewhat important if you use a pickup or mic since the satin can cause a rubbing sound.
That being said, it is not so hard to gloss a satin finish.
I have an Epi Masterbilt and glossed it in 4-5 hours.