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Look around the room youre in right now. Imagine if a stranger broke into that same room and you only had 5 seconds to grab something in that room to fight him off with. What would it be?

Im home alone and it seemed like someone was just trying to break in. Then the dogs started barking and one of them pissed on the floor >.< Haha anyway yea... im paranoid... Anyway the first thing that i grabbed was a little pair of elementary school scissors haha. Go!
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One of my friends said to the principle once,
"NO! The voices tell me not to talk to you!" *Runs away on all fours*
The principle eventually caught up to him and gave him a drug test.
My first instinct would tell him to GTFO not hurt him
I ask the pit for help.

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I love getting hit in the balls.

Sometimes, I masturbate while imagining my girlfriend is ramming her knee up into my precious orbs. It turns me on so much.

Actually, that's not true. I don't have a girlfriend
my balls...
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Hey baby, is that a mirror in your pocket or am I stabbing you repeatedly in the face?

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You don't own shit.
My cock.

Then a stapler, conveniently placed right here beside me.

Edit: A stapler for throwing, not for my cock.



Just thought I'd clarify that.
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My 12 gauge.... its In my closet.
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If I had 5 seconds, I'd have to throw my laptop at him then grab the knife that's next to me.

If I had 30 seconds or so I'd have my rifle, and I've had to wield it before.
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The thread-starter is a legend.
Seriously, who thinks "Shit, i'm gonna die, BRB, Ima' tell UG."?

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Congratz man, you are a true, American Hero.
Go Schneiderman!

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My knife. I have a 30-06 in my room, but no ammo.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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My dog. He is humongous and a badass. But, seriously, nearest by me, the lamp. I just moved so I don't have my baseball bat moved over yet... On second thought, the umbrella stand thing. That looks like it would hurt.

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My enchanted baseball bat, which adds +5 to my Blunt Weapons skill.
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You put parentheses in parentheses. I...I...I think I love you.

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THANK YOU! You're my hero!
My leg.
When the music's over, turn out the lights.

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i fingerd my girl the other day she got so wet nearly my entier hand was soked after that i ate her up, she blacked out it was awesome
I'd grab my Axe and murder him.

But my room is just a bed, nightstand, guitar, so not much else...
my uvula and puke all over him while i sucker punch him
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The only weapon like things I have are a spoon, a set of dumb bells and a fake light saber.

I have big arms though, so unless he had a gun or a knife I'd punch him in the head. repeatedly.
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i would pull down my pants and star jacking it and jizz on him

in 5 seconds??? dude i would get that checked out...

but i would either grab my cat is shes real close to me, if not.... my dead *sharp edges* gotta love em eh?
In reality, I would have to go with either my skateboard, lacrosse stick, or a pair of wire cutters.
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You put parentheses in parentheses. I...I...I think I love you.

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THANK YOU! You're my hero!
unfortunately, the only thing I could grab that could possibly hurt him would be my Squier, Id grab it by the neck and show that burglar how to play guitar with his teeth :P
Bow and arrow

Or perhaps my guitar that'd probably hurt
i dont need to pick up anything with my hat of wisdom on, which gives me +99999999 magic points so i can use my spells
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why are metal musicians prone to fatness?
Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
A phone to call the police. Then I would shit strategically in front of the door, so when he runs into the house he slips in my poo and falls to the ground in a frantic "OMG, I got poo on me!!" kind of frenzy. Then I may even urinate on his face while he is on the ground. Perhaps even wipe my poo encrusted arse on his nose.

Either way, who ever breaks into my house isnt going to be a very happy camper.
I'd start masturbating...Who in their right mind could assault/kill/kidnap someone masturbating?
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and my mom then told me to masturbate more.

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Big burly men grunting without shirts on pretty much summed up my childhood.

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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do more look like?
i'd grab one of meh jacksons and stab him with the headstock. PWNT
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I have a big ass screwdriver right next to me with a very sharp Phillips head on it.
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Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way
the phone, cops have guns and training, i dont.
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I can only poop during full moons.
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I'd start masturbating...Who in their right mind could assault/kill/kidnap someone masturbating?

This smells like a quote I've seen in someone else's sig before.
i'm gonna have to say my squier strat... i couldn't bear to wield my bass unless it was absolutely necessary.
Actually, i think i would throw my computer monitor at him.
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TL;DR: Saw a girl at Wal-Mart, she started feeling me up, I jizzed in my pants.

Shit, I'm so pathetic.

[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']I agree, tone does sound better the closer your genitals are to the ground.