ok good people of UG, you know the drill. the stuff below is up for cash or trade. As far as trades go I'm open to anything so entertain me . The prices below include shipping

Edit: pictures up sorry about the quality I should have better ones later

Gibson 61' reissue
-2004 model loaded with emg81 and 85. Killbutton installed but tone knob is still tucked cavity. great shaped average wear and dings. $Make me an offer

B-52 AT100 Head
-Just retubed with tunsols and EH's. some wear and light lens is missing. $500 shipped

B-52 AT100 cab
-One tear in tolex and one or two minor scuffs but rarely used. $225 shipped
(picture coming soon)

Mesa Boogie 112 cab SOLD
-Very minor wear and in great shape. 3/4 closed back model. $225 Shipped

BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
-Good for vocals awsome for your guitar. Mint. $190 shipped

Dunlop Rotovibe
-used, but mint in box $125 shipped

Line 6 pocket pod
-mint, used once. $100 shipped

Epiphone valve jr head
-mint. wanted to mod but too many projects already. $100 shipped

Shure pg48
-mint. $25 shipped

Mullard EL34's
-brand new. matching pair of hard tubes that I installed to check if they work. $30 shipped

Duncan Distortion pups SOLD
-never installed just taken outta the box. good biting tone. $100 shipped

I am open to all offers so dont be afraid! also, hit me with a pm if you want more info or pics on something. thanx for lookin!
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Pics of B-52 cab?
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As for the gibson I kinda wanted to trade it for something but if it was for cash I'd say around $1400 given its condition and the pup upgrade
I think I'll take the Mesa cab, but I should wait until friday when I get paid. can you hold it for me until saturday or sunday?
I am being kinda of particular as far as the gibson goes. I am looking to trade either for a washburn idol, a les paul standard, or a head preferably in the realm of marshall. and yes I have the original 57's if you want them in instead of the emg's
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Quote by rokket2005
I think I'll take the Mesa cab, but I should wait until friday when I get paid. can you hold it for me until saturday or sunday?

yeah no problem bro
If the price comes down any on the Valve Jr. I may be interested.
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