Okay well I am no bass n00b I have been playing for around 2 and a half years, I build my own custom basses and guitar but I have a problem...

I have 2 pedals the digitech bass compression and the bass envelope filter/synth wah, first off which oone would come first in my pedal link the envelope or compression. And also does anyone have any advice on getting a good funk slap sound out of the envelope? Any help is appreciated.
I have the same one.

in the case of an auto wah / envelope filter the dynamics of your playing (attack of note, sustain and how loud you play etc) effects how the pedal effects your sound. eg, the envelope filter filters different frequencies according to the output volume (which can be controlled by sensitivity). The other "square wave" "synth" type sounds also depend on volume because they need to "hear distictly when a new note is played. This is so it can attack again. (you will notice on type 4 and 5 the note changes tone ass it ring's out.

so compression will come after you envelope filter.

For slap i like my digitech set as
Type: 1
then sensitivity, control and range all pointing about 10 or 11 o'clock (ie just below half)

hope that helps
Bass>Envelope Filter>Compressor>Amp Input

The envelope filter will sound boring as hell with a compressor in front!
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