Does anyone else think the Golden Sun series is the best games available for GBA. I mean seriously, the summons were so insane!
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Hellz yes.
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I love it, I went back to play golden sun 2 and every time I type in my long ass gold password it tells me invalid password!

I might bite the bullet and go silver.
i love it.

unfortunately... i lost my golden sun 2... and i can't find another anywhere.

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Summoning the judgment day thing kicked ass.
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i played through the first one like five times, and it still isnt boring. didn't like the second quite as much though, but still a kick ass game. definitely the best for GBA
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Man i thought i was the only one that played this. I think i actually enjoyed the second one as much as i loved the first one. The first game makes so much more sense after the second one.
I remember this game... I'll go look for a ROM so I can play it.
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OH good God, I forgot about that game. That is an amazing came, I wish I knew where it was so I could find it.
i never knew there was a second. too bad my gameboy is broke. as much as i love ROMS, playing a gameboy emulator isnt the same as playing a gameboy.