Could someone please tell make a list of all the guitar technical terms. I get so lost when looking at other threads trying to learn about problems and all this fun stuff and people are dropping words i've never heard of. Like, crunch, humbucker (guessing some kind of pickup), EMG's (again pickup?)

all that fun stuff.

This thread deserves the..Funniest Thread Award.

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This thread deserves the..Funniest Thread Award.


your a bully.
stop mocking me

Thank you benben
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This thread deserves the..Funniest Thread Award.


You know what? This thread doesn't even have the slightest hint of humour in it. This place is for beginners, and you have no right to mock someone or laugh at someone's thread because its too basic for you. Just think about how you started off and don't be such a moron next time.

By the way TS, google and wikipedia are your friends. Just briefly, EMG is a company that makes pickups, and the pickups are referred to as EMGs (they are quite heavy metal sounding). A humbucker is a type of pickup with two coils (its all to do with electromagnetics) and doesn't hum like the single coils. To look at humbuckers, they are twice the size (just look like two single coils side by side) and are found on Gibson Les Pauls and SGs (two famous ones, but there are plenty of others). Crunch is not really a technical term, it refers to the sound of the guitar out of the amplifier. You can have a clean sound (acoustic guitars have a clean sound) and then you can overdrive the sound, giving it a 'crunch', like AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, that classic and hard rock stuff.

Also, I love how you are enthusiastic about all this 'fun stuff'. That's excellent. You will progress further, quicker if you are enthusiastic about guitar. Have fun mate
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just figure it out lol

wikipedia is great for that.

emg is a pickup company while humbucker is a pickup. both i found out about on wikipedia
they call og or nothing at all!!
ye, if you see a word you don't know, then stick it in google or wikipedia. you'll get your answer then.
just ask when ppl bring it up i had asked wut a lutheir is today and i got a good response
I needed this, I remember going to a local music store, and the employee was spitting all this guitar terminology at me, I was like what the hell?

Again, thanks benben