at it again?
you betcha

power ballad [think; every rose has it thorns, or other things similar that are acoustic with really amazing solos]

heres teh rundown
-simple rythm, written while improving off a made up song for a girl that was over
-solos, written because i wanted epic solo things

i know its repative as hell, but the solos are the focus, although im rather fond of the rythm

tell me what you think

c4c as usual

the name of a girl in the palm of my hand.zip
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This is cool.

I really liked the first solo.

Like you said, it does get repetitive.

The second solo doesn't really seem to fit.

I liked the fade out and the outro solo.

All in all it was pretty good. Nice work on the solos.





I just put these up today.
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