I can play most of Weather Report's - Birdland fairly easily, some parts give me trouble though.

I'm just wondering, how does Jaco make the high pitched sounds in the intro? Is it artificial harmonics? If so, how do you do those on a bass? Do you need certain pedals?
yep, artificials. He frets the notes, then plucks the string, with his thumb touching the string creating a node, like any other harmonic. Try it out, you'll hear it when you get it.
I'll give it a shot, but I'm not sure if I really understand. You put your left finger on the fret as you would normally play it, but after hitting the string, you kinda drown the sound out with your right thumb?
yea...your more muting it for like half a second

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it's a lot like how you'd play a natural harmonic, but instead of touching lightly with the fretting finger you are using your playing thumb or index finger and touching lightly way down by the pups (at the same time actually fretting a note with your fretting hand). You do have to move your thumb/index finger around for each artificial harmonic note to get it to ring out clearly, there is a specific spot for each note.
You could search bar "aritifical harmonics" and "pinch harmonics on bass" and get a bunch of different techniques, but I give a thumbs-up, but sideways, and put my thumb on the node I want to sound (in Birdland's case, half way between the fretted note and bridge). Then, I pick the note with my index while the thumb is still on the node, and lift my hand off the string after the note was sounded.
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if you have a recent fender bass, the Bb is right over the 2 pickups [neck pickup for 1 octave, bridge for 2] I found it easier to work from there. When you do the 2 octave, the notes get closer together