I've always been interested in the violin, since I heard Charlie Daniels shredding it up on Devil Went Down to Georgia, thing is, there doesn't seem to be much information out there about specific brands and models to choose, what to spend, etc..

Oh great UG, tell me... what materials, brands, and price point should one look at if one wants to just start but doesn't want a crappy beginner model? What would say $500 get ya (would that be enough to get a good-quality instrument made in USA/Japan/Equivalent)?

Thanks guys, and sorry if this is the wrong forum, but it shouldn't be...
I would check other internet resources...I've got to believe that there would be an equivalent forum or website with useful information.

If you can't find anything, I had great luck with www.ezfolk.com when I was playing around with the banjo. They have forums there that might be able to point you in the right direction.

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