What do you mean? They aren't doing it ay the same time, and anyone who plays that song is experienced so they will be faster then newer people.
Don't rush. Use a metronome, set it nice and slow, then once you've got that down, increase the tempo a bit. Make sure you don't make mistakes AT ALL.
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isn't it true that it takes 21 days to really learn something like this? I think I read that on this site somewhere
It probably differs from person to person on how long it takes to learn the song. Depending on how long you spend learning it and how good you are at picking things up. Plus... it's probably gonna take a hell of a long time remembering all the notes, chords ,etc.
A song like canon rock? It would take some hard work to memorize it all.
I don't really understand what you're saying, all he's doing is "playing the guitar" - that particular bit is probably the most straightforward part of the whole piece, it's a relatively simple rhythm figure...80's rock songs are full of similar riffs.
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A song like canon rock? It would take some hard work to memorize it all.

it is....ive tried. the song is pretty easy tho