"Anything" is an alright song that we're pretty damn proud of.

"Estorical Wisdom" is a complete and total joke to make fun of how bad we are.

We have 4-5 other songs, at least 2-3 being decent, but we're ALREADY having some arguments, and one of the members doesn't want to put them up except the one that in my opinion is the worst.

Anyways, which genre would you guys classify "Anything" as? Also, how do you think I should deal with the already forming band conflict?

Please add us as a friend on MySpace... new songs soon! (and hopefully a vocalist)

THANK YOU in advance!!!
Thanks, our vocalist isn't really a vocalist at all. The kid who sang in that song and I split the vocals 50/50, so it's pretty crappy. The weird "effect" sound is pitch correction, haha.

Thanks again for the compliment.