Is there any easy way of learning scales? These seem to be the hardest part of learning the guitar. I'm just so bad and slow at them and I don't think I quite understand them fully still. Is there any easy approach to learning and understanding them better? Thank you!
this is no where near the hardest part of learning guitar. just practice them until you get them. also use the finger notation they give you.
come up with patterns for the scale and repeat
playing a scale in intervals is a good way to get them memorized and a great exercise all together
repetition is a key factor in the sonic arts
dont overdo it...

take em one at a time, slow to fast, until you can run it flawlessly... then move to the next
I've heard there's boxes, and I'm probably terribly foolish for not using them, but I find the easiest way to use them is to familiarize myself with the Cmajor scale, and run through it in all posistions on the neck, slowly saying the note in my head as I play it, then I speed that up. When I want to move to another major scale I just sharp the notes I need to and remove the natural of that note. Then again, it takes me a while to adapt to using that new scale, but I found it to be the easiest way for me to do it personally (with the major scale anyway).
The easiest way (for me it was, at least) is to learn the notes across the fretboard first, then go back and learn how scales are made.