Hey everyone,
Ive been working on this song for a little while now, and i finally got around to recording it.
Ive been trying to write a metal song that has some big parts to hook the listener. So far i think this is the best song ive come up with.
In this recording i play all the guitars, all of the keys and i programmed the drums

I hope you can listen to the entire song and enjoy it.
Any critism would be really appreciated.

The song is called "THE STINKER" (i dont know why)
and its at www.myspace.com/jerodgee

Thanks a lot,
Hey. I like your song there. I don't listen to much metal at all, and it sounded pretty good. So that's definitely a compliment coming from me. All the instruments were played very well, and I liked the overdubbing guitars. It sounded very epic to me. I can't criticize the playing at all. Very good on that part.

The only thing I'd suggest is work on the quality a tad bit near the beginning, and try to make the lead guitars a little less harsh. The playing is excellent, but sometimes the guitars seem, I don't know, harsh. The only other thing I'd change is try to lead into the different parts better near the beginning. Try to maybe sustain a note until you change parts so it doesn't sound like a new song after each section.

I thought it ended very well. It had a very epic ending, which I'm sure you were going for.

Good work, and keep it up.

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yeah i will crit it for you the guitar in the intro that doubles the piano needs to be brought up a bit, the piano feels too dry as well, maybe some reverb on there? it just doesnt seem to fit into the mix as well as everything else. onto the verse now, ah this is good, very good in fact, great metal production probably the best heavy production i have heard on here, great kick drum snap and weight without being too overbearing. is there any bass guitar in there? if there is turn it up a bit or add more weight, if not, maybe add one i love the composition here, great lead line and nicely interwoven guitar layers. Overall excellent work 5 stars.

i would ask you to crit mine but i feel rather more inferior now.....if you want to they are on my profile though, crit my hero if u please
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thanks a lot.
This is the first time ive played or even recorded piano here, so it was a new experience for me. I wrote the guitar parts first and then just found the notes on the keys. But i totally understand what you mean by dry, i thought the exact same thing when i listened back after a couple days.

As for the bass... im an awful bass player and i only have a low end squire bass. Its kinda terrible. Maybe one day ill get my buddy to rock some grooves for it.
Thanks again
The intro bit switching over the metal bit was AWSOME, what tuning are you guys in? How do you get your cords to sound so harsh?
thanks stealthyhayze. Im in Drop C#. ohh.. and its not guys, this is all me, im a one man band i guess. haha.

Oh and the harsh chord sound was an accident. I really wanted something punchy thats not too overbearing. So i guess i failed in finding the tone i wanted. But thats awesome that you like it.
Thanks again.
Wow, very melodic and very heavy. It variated a bunch, but it all fit together, so you definitely succeeded in keeping my attention with all the riffs and layering. It reminded me of so many bands...big metal names like Slayer and Metallica, but a bunch more too.

My only critique would be that the intro is a little hard to hear and it almost made me tune out to the song. I know it's sort of for effect because you want the riff to BLAST out after that, but you might consider re-mixing it.

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Pretty good playing and composition. Very tight riffing and drums sound wicked! However, I think the song lacks some lead instrument or vocals. The rhythm guitars sound good but you should try to compose some kind of big melody over them. The part starting at 3:15 is great. That's the kind of stuff I'd like to hear already earlier in the song. The song also ended a bit abruptly. All in all, it's pretty good. Keep it up!

Oh and a little tip... Your MySpace page is terribly heavy to browse and most of text is impossible to read due to the font and color. I think you should tweak the color schemes and the fonts a bit.

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thanks for the crit Stratwizard.
I totally understand what you mean. I havent really got much skill when it comes to those lead chops. Im still workin on it right now. As you could probably tell, in that song, the leads were very simplistic.

Ill be sure to work on that though.
The intro sounds really rough, but I assumed you were going for that effect... like a broken boom box leading into the real deal. The music of it is well written, but the quality is crappy... so I assumed you meant it that way.

I love the pause in the first part of the song. (someone else mentioned they didn't like it, but I thought it hit its mark nicely)

Second guitar at 1:47 is way too loud

I like the part that comes in at 3:12 or so. Very cool.

Cool piano leading into the end.... but I'd rather hear the end hold on with some strings and the high guitar holding out the last note for a while... very epic, if you will. Your ending was a little snubbed.

The drums throughout kick a$s for real. Nice work on them! Great guitar tones and recording quality. I liked it a lot.

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You should listen to the metal songs after that one, too... you may like those more.
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That was pretty awesome, actually. The intro was a crappy in the production but it got much better one the actual song kicked in. As said, a few of the lead parts are a wee bit loud. The guitars sound great though, with lots of balls. There lead interludes breaking up the fast and thrashy parts were really cool as well. Good work, most of what I had to say was more or less covered.
im actually considering at least cutting the intro way shorter. It kinda drags on for to long.
As for the guitar part at 1:47... that was just an stupid mistake on my part, i dont know why, but i punched in that guitar right there, doubled it up, and then panned each track fully left and right. So i made a mistake. whooops.

I better fix that.
Thanks for pointin it out.
Wow man this is some heavy ****. I know I can't get this kind of thick sound from my equipment. What are you using?

Anyway - I like that this is very ambitious. Much more so than anything I've attempted yet. I don't really care for the piano stuff, mainly because I don't think that pretty sounding piano goes with crushing guitar sounds - but that's just me. I'm not really into that sort of melodic metal or whatever the genre is. But for what it is it works well and sounds really good to me. The intro had me puzzled for a while because I wasn't sure if that was the way the whole thing was going to sound, but then heaviness kicked in and I was really digging it. I can see you have a sense of humor too with the ending. I also liked the mellow part near the middle. You had enough things going on so it held my interest all the way to the end. I guess my only critique is with the mix. I think the guitars should be up more on the intro and the drums sort of vanish for me during the heavy parts. Overall I'd say it kicks ass. Oh and I'd like to hear an insane solo at some point, but I'm old school like that I guess hehehe
i recorded everything on my Boss BR-1600. Its a sweet little machine. Its got the drum machine built right in and i can create any beat in any time sig at just about any tempo. And i plug my guitar right in and create my own guitar tone.

Thanks for the crit.
hahaha, thats exactly what my dad said. "sounds like something that should be in one of the Terminator movies or something" he said.
Kinda funny.