Hey! What does anyone say about putting light gauge strings on a 3/4 size guitar? I'm new to most anything regarding guitars and/or guitar-ing so cut me some slack, please. I have a Martin LX1. It came equipped with medium gauge strings but I feel like they kick out a bit too much bass, namely the bottom E and A strings. Or maybe they're too resonant. Anyway, does anyone think that light gauge strings would help this? A local guitarist recommended sanding down the saddle a bit if I was going to move to a lighter string but I'm hesitant to do this because if I don't like the lighter strings then...What does everyone else think?
a lighter gauge probably would reduce the bass, but you need to be careful about going to light because you'll lose string tension with that short scale.
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well im not gonna lie, martins are naturally bassy. and i wouldnt sand the saddle, that could ruin it. i would just try some lighter gauge strings and see how it sounds, it wont hurt anything to just put em on and try it. definitely best thing to do before committing to any sanding.
strings are the best choice. if you dont like them, then try another brand of light strings. it's taken me about 11 months of playing guitar to figure out what strings i really like. you just gotta keep going.