I find that when I play lead guitar improv it is well, pretty much ****ty unless I get lucky if you know what I mean

But when I practice a solo it sounds great, what I'm trying to say is how long did it take you to improv solo well and my other question is it perfectly normal after 2 years of playing to only be able to play solos well after a lot of practice and have a hard time making your own
I saw your thread floating down so I decided I'd light you up with some tips. Basically when I, and most people (even old-heads) that I've jammed with improv. It's basically just re-arranging little licks you've got in a library in your head, to get a flow and a mood going with a solo. You might be just riding a bend then think to yourself "Okay, I'm going to want to descend from here, then ascend back up, and so a cycling riff" So you think to yourself of a lick you got in the head-library that's in the right key and scale, pull it off, do the same thing for the ascending, ect. ect. ect.

Asking how to improvise is one of the hardest questions to answer. You just gotta feel it out, get a mood going, that's all I can tell you.

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If you know your scales + modes + chord progressions, improvising shouldn't be a problem.
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If you know your scales + modes + chord progressions, improvising shouldn't be a problem.

I agree to a degree, but even just knowing those won't make it easy... There are timing characteristics, and rhythmic picking and bending techniques that really make solos come to life...

I also think that having a solid "mental library" of licks is important, including anything that you may come up with yourself...

I had a friend that wasn't well versed in scales and theory, and this cat would pull some wild ass solos out of his butt when jamming... We'd all be like wow, and he would say that it was just from learning as many really cool licks as he could, modifying them and blending them together by ear..

Don't get me wrong though, scale knowledge definitely provides the direction and the mapwork for improv
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