hey UG I have been playing with tabs since I started guitar like 7 months ago and now im wanting to learn standard notation so I can in time be able to decently read music, does anyone know some good sites that teach it pretty well?
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Grab a song you know in tab form, and then grab a power tab version off of UG. Power Tab is a free program you get off of the internet. When you type in the tab notation on PT, it shows you the note on the staff.

Only thing you need to know before hand is tempo (speed) and note duration, e.g. Whole Notes, Half notes, Quarter Notes, eigth notes and sixteenth notes.

If you know how to play, you'll see the correlation pretty fast.
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also the Berklee 'Modern Method for Guitar' is a great resource for learning to read standard notation

Damnit you beat me to the punch, musictheory.net is a great site, helped me out alot