My current gear (for metal). An ibanez rg2570e through a digitech df-7 distortion factory, into a fender fm65r.

Im thinking bugera amps... IF i went halfstack (unless i get a combo), then shouldnt i get the cab first, as its cheaper and if i could use my amp as a head? Doubtful, though.

Well i know that 4x12s have more low end punch and generally look cooler, but combos are more cost effective (saving ~$150) and this combo weighs 60 lbs.

I could always opt out of the bugera 6262 and go with the 333xl. Its more expensive, but has a built in noise gate and 3 channels! Could it handle the br00t4lz though? I think it may be able to, since the guitarists from this death metaly band i know use jsx and valveking heads.

They also both claim i need a halfstack to gig locally
(Even if the venue doesnt mic guitars, though?)
hey all my pestering questions will come to use now!!! i am the man to ask lol

alright, im not sure on the bugera amps, ppl say they are good but if this is your first real "good amp" purchase i would wait to hear what people say on reliability etc.

4x12's DO give off more low end but not much more than a 2x12. i would suggest high wattage speakers for a 2x12 such as included in a vader 2x12


now you dont NEED a half stack/4x12. a 2x12 produces the same volume. check out my thread asking this very question. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=788319&highlight=doubtful+about+the+need i went to try them side by side and there wasnt any difference in volume or tone except the low end on the 4x12 was slightly beefier. SLIGHTLY, not significant enough to justify the jump. a good high wattage 2x12 like from vader will do the job extremely well.

a 333xl may do the brutal tones well but a real JSX in my experience is very muddy in that department and seeing as how its modeled after the JSX, it may be the same problem. again i say wait for people who can afford to buy these amps to give reviews.

you dont need a half stack!! this is coming from a guy who believed a half stack was god for metal. it really isnt necessary. most venues mic you and it sounds the same, trust me. even if they dont mic you, raising your cab with a chair would fix that real quick.
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Even if i did get a vader 2x12, i'd still need a head then, not the combo... well, i could get the combo... Still it'd be 2 pieces.

Even just a combo alone of that bugera would save me around $150.

That would be nice.

I could get it for $400 (from a really nonreliable site), 550 from studica (pretty good but not perfect) or 650 elsewhere...

Im thinking $550?

And giternator if you have AIM or myspace, let me know if its ok so i can talk to ya about all this.

Actually, anyone else who wants to talk about it outside the thread too is welcome
unfortunately all i have is google talk.

so your getting a combo? i thot you were talking about the head. a combo and a 2x12 has been done before. looks kinda weird but definitely works.

but if your getting a combo, no point in the getting a cab until you discover you may need it, which i highly doubt. but dont get a bugera combo. the speakers have already been said to be total crap.
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Roland microcube FTW!
From the clip ive heard, the bugera cab sounds pretty good.
But that may be different...

Hmm, it'd be about $850 for the head / vader cab... which i really wanted to stay within the 550-700 range...

Its still 2 pieces of equipment, though.
What if i got the bugera and swapped out the speakers with those eminence legends? Still wouldnt be the same?

And the vaders... is all they handle the br00t4lz?
well then you should get the combo >_>. yes swapping out the speakers for the eminence legends or G12K-100 from celestion would make a world of difference.

vader cabs are just really high wattage and for that reason they do great for brutal tones and huge low end but its that high amount of headroom that does that. headroom is important for cleans too so it does great for pretty much anything that doesnt require overdriving speakers or tubes. generally metal doesnt overdrive speakers b/c it adds color to the tone so this is why a lot of death metal bands use it, they like the tone of their amps, not vintagey break up of course.
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Hmm... So on vaders site they claim the cabs do more than just metal (like blues).

So if i got the bugera cab for ~$550...
Later on, I buy 2 eminence legends speakers and have them put in... still wouldnt be the same.

I could buy a vader cab (amongst an OD pedal like a bad monkey/tubescreamer if needed) and a noise gate (the 333xl has one built IN! if its good...)

You said i could do a combo on cab. If i got the cab i could always sell the combo and lose money, but it'd be used of course.

If i did combo on cab, id be using the cab speakers only, not combo + cab speakers, totalling 4? Even if i did, wouldnt that sound ... different? Not meshing together well?

Im not in gigging situations yet (if my band continues to work well, etc. and if we get them set up!) but we are ready.
no it wouldnt be the same but neither is two guitars that are identical models. nothing is going to be perfectly the same. thats just how it is.

but enough of the analytical philosophy, it will sound the same and you probably wouldnt notice.

the bugera from what i hear, has plenty of gain. the OD pedal would serve to tighten up the low end.

you can do a combo on a cab if you need more spreadage (doubtful). i think you do use the combo's speakers too but some ppl just unplug the speakers and use the cab's speakers instead, kind of like a huge head and cab combo lol.

it wouldnt really sound different than a traditional 4x12 and there shouldnt be any problems with meshing unless you have different speakers.

the combo should be fine for your situations now.
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!