I've recently meandered my way into ownership of a hand-me-down SG. It has issues though. Issues with which I've had the good fortune thus far never to have had to deal. Issues of tuning.

The problem isn't in getting each string in tune. The problem is that once the guitar's at E-A-D-G-B-E, each open string's respective twelfth fret is a few cents shy of an actual octave. So the only way to get a tuner (or a good ear) to think the string's still as in tune at the twelfth fret as it is open is to bend the note up. For any practical playing purpose, it's inconvenient for my frets to represent just-a-bit-less-than-half-steps rather than actual half-steps, especially when the discrepancy becomes so noticeable by the time I'm at the twelfth fret.

So yeah, enough useless talk. My question: How do I fix this? It has to be pretty simple. I mean, hell, there are the two main stud screws at the ends of the bridge (the ones that screw into the T-nuts in the guitar body and adjust bridge height), a screw on the bridge for each individual string, the truss rod adjustment bolt... The problem is that I simply don't know which of these to adjust or which way to adjust it to fix this. I'm sure the techs at my music shop know how to fix it; however, although I support both local musicians and small independently owned businesses, I know they'd poach me monetarily, even for performing what I'm sure would be a ridiculously miniscule task.

So yeah, if anyone could tell me--in as much detail as you're patient enough to go into--what needs to be done to fix this problem (and hopefully maintain a pretty loose feel to the strings--bends and such are fun when they're not totally necessary to keep the guitar in tune up high on the fretboard), I'd greatly appreciate it.

Your Intonation is off. The screws at the end of the bridge for the saddles of each string are what you need to adjust. Screw it in to flatten the note and unscrew to sharpen it. Its as simple as that, just make sure your twelvth fret it the same note as the when its played open, if not adjust the screw.

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the screws for each individual string is what you need to tweak.. if the note is flat, then make the screw for that string shorter, then retune and check it again, if its sharp, then make the string longer. do that for all stings, then adjust your action possibly, then redo the intonnation check, and you should be good to go.
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