Ok so are these any good? I play a lot of classic rock, Zeppelin, Santana, Hendrix, ETC, and lots of clean stuff (RHCP esque cleans) for the most part and I know a guy who is selling one for CHEAP. He ants $300 for the head and I already have a 212 cab I can use with it. I need to know ASAP though because he has other people coming to look at it Friday.
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i liked it when i played it...for three hundred id go for it
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I think it should be great for what you play. Haven't played one though, but from what I hear it's great for those tones.
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300 bucks?!?! buy imediatly... may need new tubes but..
no nvm mind this amp sucks real bad DONT BUY IT... whats this guys # and address though....

jk get it
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It's a nearly perfect choice for you. Great amp, great cleans. Tnfootballfan has the combo. It's been proven to be tornado-proof.

What cab are you pairing it with?
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Good amp, great price, I say go to try it with the intention of buying it, if you like it when your there get it, if its not too great then you can re-consider.