Maybe Epiphone Les Paul 100, a Godin SD, or an Ibanez (assuming they make one).

Coda Music do decent prices but thier service is **** no matter what you buy so you just have to get in there and try the guitars out in thier Luton Store or even thier Stevenage store as they mostly have amps.

i tried this one in the store and didnt think it sounded bad but may want to change the pups


hope this helps and sorry its all epi's
Silvertone makes one, and Agiles (Rondo) have a real good rep. Have not played either but try them if you can.
Try looking for Jim Deacon Les Pauls - they're pretty decent for the money. I have one, though at the mo has been relegated to help teaching me slide guitar, I have a new "no.1"
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I was thinking of getting a Jim Deacon les paul, but found a blue epiphone standard over the summer and fell in love. I basically paid an extra £200 for a nice finish, a slightly better neck, better pickups, better hardware, and the epiphone name.

The Jim Deacon was certainly an OK guitar, but the pickups were horrible, and I didn't just get a dud, all 10 of 'em in the shop were that bad. The machineheads were pretty poor, and the finish was pretty lackluster, if you're the kind of person who cares about that stuff.

For £200, you could get a JD les paul and replace one of the pickups, but you'd still want to replace the machineheads at one point, because they really were bad.

They're certainly very good value for money (£120? a steal!), but they need a bit of work.

Stagg Les Pauls are terrible, I looked into that for my second guitar.

Check out Samick LPs, I knew a guy with a £250 one and it was brilliant.

Vintage LPs are very good too, I was going to get one a few years agom, but this was before Trevor Wilkinson provided the hardware and a lot of the models then were very iffy indeed, some of the hardware was plastic (!), and by the time I was looking for a 3rd guitar, my local stopped selling them.

Lastly we come to Epiphones. The £99 Juniors are fairly good value if somewhat cheap looking. The Jim Deacon is way better for another £20, so count that out. The Specials are awful, and the Studios are bad too, if somewhat out of your price range.

That's my 2 cents, and I reckon the best out of that lot are Jim Deacons and Vintages, but be sure to play them, and buy one that you play, because I have no idea how solid quality control is.
Try the Ibanez ARC100, I got it for christmas £195 and I can get loads of awesome tones from it through my Vox Valventronix.
That ARC was very tempting to me also, I just unexpectedly got more cash. Look into the ARX's also.