Hello I am new to forums, and wanted to introduce myself and get a little help.

I played guitar for little over a year I had a les paul it was right handed even though I am a lefty, but I strumed on it for about a year not really knowing how to play, kind of teaching myself, but I really enjoyed it. However that guitar is no longer in my posestion. I want to pick up playing if you could call what I do playing, but I don't really know what to look for in a nice beginner guitar. I want an electric, and I was looking at a Squier by Fender Affinity Series Fat Strat Electric Guitar. I don't have the greatest amount of cash to spend, and I kind of liked how this thing looked, I had a chance to play a left handed squire at a local shop and it sounded nice to me. I am however new and am kind of shooting around in the dark. Can anyone tell me anything about this guitar, or any other guitars I should be looking at? I would really appreciate it.
Squier's are good starter guitars. I started out on one and it did me fine for the first few years. I take it you have an amp already?
I have heard (because I'm yet to be an electric guitar owner) that the Yamaha Pacificas are great guitars for their low costs. The 112J is supposed to be quite a good guitar. To help yourself out a bit, go to online guitar stores, pick out some cheap ones, then go and read reviews of them. You can find reviews on UG and on Harmony Central (reviews.harmony-central.com).
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Just make sure you play the guitar before you buy it. Best advice you can get when buying a guitar.
not sure what your price range is but paul reed smith se series is great for about $500

epiphone makes some good beginners too

i have had experience with both
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Lots of good cheap starter guitars available these days. Squires are good value, so are Epiphone. The best advice you can have is NEVER buy without trying it out. You can go into a store one day and pick up 20 different guitars and not really like any of them. Then, one day you will pick up something and go OHH !! this is great! Believe me, it really does happen just that way.
Hey guys, I checked out some of the brands mentioned and here is what I am looking at online, I am going to go to the music store in the next few weeks and try them. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/compare?base_pid=511076&base_pid=511077&base_pid=514048&base_pid=510629

I kind of like the yamaha, but then I am going strictly off of newbie thinking and some reviews. I will not be playing any metal just soft easy going stuff probably some 70s and 80s, and then christian. What do you guys think of these choices or do you have some better ones? I kind of like the prices on these also.


the prices you see are the prices in my range 300 at the very very top 250 is pushing it.
Based on the type of music you want to play I think the Yamaha will do you good. But really the best guitar is the one that feels good in your hands and sounds good to your ear. Try several and pick the best feeling, sounding one in your budget.
I am heading down to the music store in the next couple of weeks to try out the yamaha, and a few others, but if two guitars are the exact same model will they sound exactly alike or is it like a lot of other things where each instrument is a tad different from every other one? I don't know if the music stores in town can beat that price on the 112j
I wanted to give you all an update, I went down and tested the yamaha 112j and some fenders and another yamaha and the 112 felt like it was part of me man it was sweet. I am trying to do some trade ins on a trumpet for the guitar, but it should be mine in a few weeks. I really want to thank you guys for your help it made the difference. Now it's just a matter of getting good enough for the guitar.