hello all

another modding question (that'll end up with me gettin my ass handed to me)

anyways, i have a Danelectro singlecut reissue (not sure the exact model.. pics on my profile though) and i want to do a few things to it

first off i want a Bigsby on it.. and theres like a thousand models!

which one should i get? my teacher has it right now measuring it for a case. would those measurements tell me which Bigsby to get? and should i go for the whole deal? with the bridge too?

ok, problem two!

i dont really like the bridge pickup. its got that nice trebly punch. but not enough of it.

i wanna play stuff like the Pistols and The Clash on this as well as rockabilly and blues.

so should i replace the bridge pickup with a new single coil?

and if so what would you recomend?

is it hard to do on my own? or should i get someone to do it? what would it cost to get someone to do it for me?

ok and last and prolly least.

i want new tone knobs on it. do i have to measure the post they're attached to? and is it easy to put new ones on without professional tools?

and im so sorry im a noob. but hey, noobs gotta learn too
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is that a solid flat body guitar? if it is I think you would need the B5 bigsby. The bigsby site tells you which ones fit what kinda guitars though
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im pretty sure you would have to replace the bridge with a roller bridge considering its made with wood that would probably wear down. but if you findout how to put a bigsby on let me know cuz i just picked up the same guitar in cool copper for 95$
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