ok so im looking to buy my first tube amp but i dont really have a clue with the huge range availabe.
I currently have a Vox ad30vt and im using a strat.
Im looking for something that will last me for a long time without spending to much. At the moment i only play at home but i do want to join a band at some time so that has to be considered. At the moment im thinking something like a hot rod deluxe or a Vox ac30 but im open to suggestions.
I play mainly classic rock such as zeppelin, guns n roses and sabbath. I also like to play some more modern rock.
any help would be great
Peavey classic, mabe even a Windsor, but you need cleans. Classic, Traynor blue, or Windosr
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peavey classic 30 is great for Led Zep. I'd get a pedal for modern rock.
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