Any suggestions? I'm looking for tone that ranges from good cleans to insane crunching distortion like Lamb of God or Pantera (pretty much uber versatile). Somewhere in the ~50W range (maybe less?)... I don't plan on playing any huge gigs (or any, soon, lol) but I'd like something thats loud enough for band practice and/or a small gig but not too loud. The full package (whether it is combo or stack) should be under $1K, but still quality (if possible, lulz).
Any suggestions? I'm hitting up Guitar Center this friday to check them out. I don't really have the money right now, but I'm still looking for something for the future

if it had a switchable output power, that would be epic as hell
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depends, check out krank, randall(t2 or v2 mite not be tube im not sure), mesa boogie,

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used 6505 combo?
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Used 6505 combo or Carvin V3 combo currently on sale for $1099. And unlike many the V3 combos actually comes stocked with great speakers. If you call and pester them enough,you could probably get free shipping too.
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A Peavey 5150 (used), Randall RG50TC, B-52 AT112 would all be worth looking into. I'm not good on prices in the US, so I don't know if this would be possible, but you could also look for some kind of used Mesa.