Hey guys,

I'm having a hard time figuring out which one I'd rather have...

It's either the;

Rocktron Hush Super C RACK mount unit


ISP Noise Decimator PEDAL...

Here's the low-down.

Both are the same price
I don't use any rack gear (IE I don't have a rack.)
I use a PEAVEY 6505 and a USA warlock with EMG's
I play death metal - suffocation etc...

Any help would be much appreciated!!


Gear List;

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Schecter C-1+
BC Rich Neck Thru Warlock
ISP Noise Decimator
Ibanez TS9
ns 2?
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Ibanez EX 470 (1991)

Peavey 6505 combo
Vox Valvetronix AD15VT
Danville 1X12 Cab
Kustom 12w tube

Dunlop Crybaby
DOD overdrive(YJM)
Boss Ns-2
Dod 250 Overdrive

I have it and its awesome. I heard shady things about the rocktron. I have no problems with my ISP.
I've seen more people using the ISP and with very nice results. Never heard the rocktron.. but I'd go with the ISP if you have the money, based on the rocktron reviews I dug up. the rackmount version looks better than the pedal hush, but if you dont have a rack and dont intend on using one, the choice is clear.
I love my...

Parker Nitefly Mojo - custom
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Ibanez S470QS

Mesa / Boogie F-50
Vox AD50VT

Seagull Artist Studio cutaway I-beam

Ibanez ATK700
Ibanez Soundwave 35
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I had Both of those and neither of them could really do the trick. The BEST Noise gate is the ISP Pro Rack G. NO QUESTION. I think the Decimator pedal would be the better choice of those two.

I assume you have the gain very high. There is almost no avoiding a rack mount high end gate with a 6505 turned up. The pedal might work though.
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The Rocktron kicks the **** out of the decimator pedal, no doubt about it. Rocktron sucks less tone IMO, AND you get 2 loops, so you'll remove more noise than you will with one pedal.
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