So I have 2 Remo practice pads, can I trigger them with Piezo Transducers found at Radio Shack? If so where would I place the transducers, and could I wire them to the corresponding keys on my keyboard that pump out drum sounds?
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The piezo's on their own would just amplify the 'thud' sound that you get out of the practice pads now (if you wired them to a regular 1/4" output jack and plugged into an amp/computer). To run them through a keyboard, I'd assume that you'd need a midi capable keyboard, and have the piezo wired to a midi cable/port connector, then the keyboard set to send certain drum sounds to the amp/whatever when triggered by the piezo/corresponding midi pin. I think you'd need the midi cable, as keyboards usually have inputs for midi triggers, but not 1/4" ones (other than a standard sustain pedal...), so you'd use the piezo as a trigger through the midi port.

How to actually go about doing this: I haven't a clue (Firstly, I don't know how to get a keyboard programed to do this. After a few minutes with the instruction manual and the keyboard, I'm sure I could figure it out, though... and secondly, I don't know how midi cables work, as I've simply never had to use them in a situation other than plugging one end into something, and the other into something else ).

Just go buy an electric drum kit.
There are tutorials everywhere, just google it...
Anyway, just take the plastic casing off the piezo, coat it in foam and stick it in the practice pad , hooked up to an external jack.
As for sounds, use a module like the alesis D4 or summat like that one, those are the computer-y bits that come with electronic drums.
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