I've managed to find a used Epiphone Les paul custom (Ebony) for £150 (roughly $300) and a micro cube for £55 ($90) would you say I should go ahead and get them? I'm still a beginner, but both of these look very good from what i can tell. Are there any better alternatives for the same price?
oh.... those are both great deals actually. I was gonna come in here and start yelling before even reading the post, but you're smarter than the average bear. I'm impressed. No overpriced garbage squire pack here. Good equipment and very good prices for the UK. I'd get a little stronger amp, cube 30 or so for when you want to crank it... because you will.
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Epi LP custom for 150? If nothing's terribly wrong with it, that's a steal.

you sure it's not a Special II? :laugh:

but seriously, nice. And I think the microcube will do just fine, it's good enough for home use (unless you're planning on playing with someone in the house who plays drums, right)
Go to a store and see how loud the microcube can be
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Those sound like great deals. If it is a LP custom, 300 would be very good. The micro cube has more effects than the standard cubes so you will have a lot of sound options except large volume. (Micros get volume, but the 30 watt would keep up with a drum set). Great practice amp though.
Yes seriously it is an Epiphone LP Custom in black with gold hardware, and looks to be in fantastic condition. Only £150, would be more with postage, but i'm going to collect it.

Even if I don't like it i can sell it on ebay and make a big profit so it's a win win situation

An my birthday si coming up and a friend says she will buy me the micro cube. Luck is with me