I know who you are
And I know who you were
I know nothing about you
I only know what I’ve heard

But only from me, you told me nothing
Nothing of who, who you are
Only a slight degredation
Leaving a faint, dated scar

You’re not much different
I just see the way it is
Perception is difficult
Through a foggy lens

When, when I see you
I just wonder what it is
That makes you a part of me
Even though you are not

Now there is another
But I don’t, I don’t know how
3 by 5 is only a dream,
A tempting sound

Lingering sweltering memories
And dirty dirty sounds
Passing, passing glances
They are seeping, weeping out
Quote by woodenbandman
My dear man, I must petition you for photographic evidence, or the described events cannot be verified, and will be written off as fallacy.