Hey, i posted this in the "guitar gear" forum due to its amp-related-ness but it dissapeard (deleted i think cause it was about a mic and not a guitar!).

I have a Roland Micro Cube (portable amp). Im a street performer who plays guitar and sings. This amp has a single large jack guitar input, and an "auxiliray" input on the back origonaly designed for playing backing tracks. its also large jack size.

So i think i'm right in saying that the aux line in wont be preamped , just poweramped right? With that in mind i got the following set up :

Guitar--------------------------------------------------> main input on roland amp

Mic -----> MS4 Marshal mini stack amp --------->aux line in on roland amp

Shouldn't this work? like using my MS4 to "preamp" the signal from the microphone?

I also tried this

Guitar-----------------> 2 way Splitter------->Main input on roland amp
Mic---------------------> 2 way Splitter------->Main input on roland amp

this results in the mic being audible but the guitar being non existant...

please help!!!