Okay, I accidentally left my guitar out in the freezing weather one night, and the next time I tried to play it, the neck was bowed backwards. So when I pluck the smallest string, it's allready fretted at like the 14th fret or something, and it buzzes awfully, if I took it to a guitar store, can they fix this? It doesnt have the metal bar thing, so I can't tighten it to adjust it. Thank you for any and all help.
Sounds like the necks warped, meaning the cold has caused the strings to contract and thus pulling the neck with it. It happens on aeroplanes if the strings aren't loosened before flight. I'm not sure about repairing it though, don't think its possible but I may be wrong.
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Possibly. Depends on the guitar.
Sincerely, Chad.
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WELLL, it doesnt look good for me, but I would rather not be too depressed before an absolute conclusion. If it is possible, I would appreciate it if anyone can assist me in any way. My idea was to use a space heater to loosen the wood + glue and put 2 folded rags on either side of the neck going fretward out from the sound hole, just before the body ends. face down, with a weight near the head and a heavier weight at the very back of the guitar so the pressure can bend it slowly and gently back into position...either way, feedback is greatly appreciated, and thank you for the feedback as I've recieved it thus far ^.^
I have no idea what that guy up above is getting at with airplanes and such. But in your case, let's start at the beginning. What make and model is the guitar since you claim it doesn't have a truss rod. If it's a steel string acoustic, it will have one.
Yes, you screwed it big time, but it might recover. The cold shrunk the wood of the neck out of whack. It gave it trememdous back bow, which is about the same as trying to string up a beach ball.
Let it get back to room temperature. Make sure you have some decent humidity in the room where the guitar is stored, say about 50%.
Keep it tuned up. The tension on the neck from the strings will help to pull the neck back to where it should be. Now just leave it like this for a few days, maybe a week. It's not going to be an instant thing if it does come out of it. Just leave it alone and sight down the neck every day to see if it's straightening out or not.
If after that time you find it's closer, you may then tweak on the truss rod. It's either under a plate on the headstock, just behind the nut, or inside the soundhole, where the neck is joined to the body. In either case, you will want to rotate the truss rod COUNTERCLOCKWISE by about 1/4 turn. This will releive a bit of the tension of the truss rod and allow the strings to pull the neck inward. And remember, only 1/4 turn, then let the guitar rest overnight.
Do this then check back.
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Okay, it does have a rod, I just never owned an acoustic before, it's just inside the sound hole. Although the only alan? wrenches I have are too small, the kit I got has 3 identical sized ones and one toothpick looking thing, damnit, I'll ask my stepfather to bring me a bigger one. Thank you Dave...

Funny story btw, I've never owned an acoustic, and I still havent, it's my friends guitar lol! But it's allright, he isnt into guitars anyways, his dad tried to force him to play, his guitar is...sec....Jasmine s-35 if I read the tag in the soundhole correctly. a cheapo as I come to find out 20 seconds ago, although still fun, acoustics bring a different feel to playing as opposed to electric. However, I have the strings tightened and the neck stressed forewards right now, I'll tighten the stress rod tomorrow, thank you for your help, I'll update how it went.