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So, i've realised.. and i'm sure everyone else has realised, that the most popular style is 'epic, melodic metal'.. or something along those lines, and so I was thinking, if so many people are great at this, and personally, i'm in love with stupidly long songs, would it be a good idea to see how epic a song can get when everyone that regularly posts in this thread gets together to basically do a collaberation piece?

Not sure if this is a common idea, or if it's been done before, but I think it would be goddamn awesome. Personally, i'd love to do a little bit of acoustic in there =]. If you're interested, or have a good reason for this idea not to go ahead, please say so! =].
would be tempted as the thing that slows me down most is writers block - definitely interested
same here we can accomplish a song faster . but i've never had a song go over 5 mins lol! i kinda like to end things fast. but its a great idea how can we do this?
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Quote by Jonathan Trejo
its a great idea how can we do this?

well, lets set ourselves a limit on how many people will participate in the song.. i dont know how may, but maybe 10+? once thats done, we'll pass the file from participant to participant, each adding their own things - solo's, vocals, drums, the next chorus, whatever. I don't want to be the one to start. And after each piece is done, others crit on it, and it doesn't continue til just about everyone's happy.

This'll probs be a pretty messy job with a lot of arguements btw people .

And btw, we'll have to work out a way to sort out the problem of people without GP? is there a trial version you can get? I don't want to cut anyone out cos they dont have the right program.
lol well yeah there is a trial version and u can also dl it but i doubt anyone is willing to comit a felony apon making a song. but they cud atleast try to get GP i know i have it but not all the time with me. Cause i have a bunch of computers and my main computer cant hold any more programs since its a piece of crap. but yeah if u guys just need help getting GP or anything for that matter send me a message on myspace lol.
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i think this is a great idea.
one thing though, what if someone becomes famous off of the song that everyone put effort into? LOL
What I did last year with a metalcore collaboration, what I had instead of just each person adding a track, each person added a riff, and if they needed to, another instrument. The first and third metalcore collab went pretty well, but the second metalcore and a power metal one I tried starting didnt go so well. Hopefully this one will work.
This was done ages ago, and here's how it was done (to my memory): Whoever wants to start the piece, posts it here. Then, whoever first sees it and wants to work on it posts "I'm working on it" or whatever, and when they are finished they post it and the next person does that and so on... i wouldn't put a limit on the people, thats pointless.
I'm interested, but I'm probably not seen as metal enough. I think if the song's already underway then I can make a section to do it justice, but it's up to you guys in control.
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Collaboration threads have been done before, and worked.

When do we start!
I think the majority of people will want to use Guitar Pro, but you can just convert PT to GP anyways
But we want to write drums too Or atleast I want to... Oh and 1339, I can understand why the times signatures came out messed up. He didn't split them into bars. If we are going to work in powertab it would be nice if we split the song in to bars atleast
Sounds awesome. I'm in. I'll try to think of a starting piece if no one will, but don't expect it lol. But ya I'm in for sure.
Don't constantly switch between PT and GP. Decide on a format and go from there. Guitar Pro i'd recommend, because it tells you when you **** up and you can put drums in it.
well i can do both i dont see what all the fuss is about. if u guys dont like powertab thats fine i realy could care less lol but lets not go offtopic.
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I just think its easier sticking to one. I'm not even here to contribute, I'm just bored. Lol.
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