hey, im thinking of getting an ESP MH-400 soon, but id like to get a good tube amp before so i can get the most out of the EMGs


but im confused on what would be a good amp investment. something i wouldnt really want to sell anytime soon, and loud, so i was thinking a valveking halfstack, but i heard mixed reviews about the valveking (and about owning a halfstack in general) and i would want it to be good for metal/hardcore, but versatile, not like a 5150 or something (i play everything from Arch Enemy to Reel Big Fish) whatever, in which case id get myself an OD pedal, possibly a bad monkey, or metal muff, for the metal side of things.

my mentality about the halfstack over a combo would so i would NEVER be confined in volume (but i also heard that a 212 would be loud enough for small venues) and i could always upgrade the head opposed to a whole combo amp. But im open to opinions on the subject.

by the way, i have played the ESP through a VK combo, and i thought it sounded good, but i just want second opinions


i've also looked at, but not played through a Randal R50TC. I've heard good things about it, but i dont know if 50 watts is enough (i realize its a tube amp btw), if one of my goals in purchasing is not only better tone than a SS but never being confined in volume.


thank you for your help
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I'd go with the Randall if you can, especially as you want some gain. Whack an OD or an EQ in front of the Valveking and it'll do the job very nicely, though.

And 50 watts tube is enough for anything.

EDIT: Re-read it; looks like you'll be wanting the Valveking, as it's pretty damn versatile. The Randall might lack on the cleans and low-gain.
thanks. would you recommend any specific OD or EQ pedal? it would mostly be for the metal stuff. is a metal muff a good OD pedal?

EDIT: fail, metal muff isnt an OD pedal......

bad monkey, tubescreamer? and i dont know much about eq pedals
Ibanez S520ex
Epiphone G-400
Roland Microcube
Alvarez MC90
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