We all are put here on the earth for a reason....I am so lucky to have been blessed with a gift of praise and worship....There are others like this on here and I want to add them as friends. If you are on of them search jimmym.davis in the search to find me. Thanks and God bless.
i'm not really a xmas/christian musician.. but you can add me.. i wont mind

i'm atheist XD lol
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Serjem is like a Bishops testicals: Swollen
IIIIfb * KARKOLI * ytIIII(mostly rock... a little funky, a little hard just the way you want it )
Hey I'm christian add me lol
I fought for all worth believing on the punk rock barracades
a gift? surely god doesnt need a bigger ego with all these people kissing his ass...just an observation
Dancing In Your Dust
I don't get gifts; I work damned hard for my talents, and no one else is getting credit for it. =]
Wooo dear. Putting the brakes on this.

Don't advertise yourself in Musician Talk, please.

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