I'm new to the world of guitars - I am planning on selling the digital piano I haven't touched in years and purchasing a used acoustic guitar with the funds. I am looking for both a guitar, and a teacher.
Here is the music I am most fond of:


What "type" of music is this? Would a person need a 6 or 12 string guitar to play it?
Will a Seagull guitar fit my petite 5'4 frame?

And last: have I gone completely insane to try and learn a new instrument at 25?!

Thank you SO much in advance, all advice will be appreciated.


ps. I posted these question on the Canadian Guitar forum without any luck so far
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The video doesn't work so I can't tell you about the music but as for the 6 or 12 string question, you never 'need' a 12 string guitar as you can play anything you play on it with a 6 string. The only difference is that a 12 string gives a 'richer' tone because you are usually playing two strings instead of one when you play a note.
Your never too old to start learning guitar

Unless your like 80 with arthritis..

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Your never too old to start learning guitar

Unless your like 80 with arthritis..

True, that.
You should never consider age a limitation when it comes to music.
It's for everyone to enjoy! =D

Unfortunately I can't help with the video, I'm in class. Haha.
It's folk music.

All you need is an acoustic guitar.

If you like that you should check out Bright Eyes.