Hi guys.

I just recently bought a used RG550 which is about ten years old. I've noticed that from fret 5-12, the frets are pretty worn down (flat tops on them). There is quite much fret buzz coming from my G string when playing on these particular frets. Is this caused by fret wear?

What should I do? Adjust the truss rod, refret or resurface the frets? Will resurfacing the frets make them all very small?
lol whyd you buy a worn down guitar! i guess resurfacing is ok, but don't over do it.

lol.. Gstring :P
Just get the frets dressed, they shouldn't need replacing - a professional fret dress won't make any noticeable difference to the height.
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Burntomato, you don't want to know how cheap I got it.

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A luthier/friend of mine did a fret level, crown and polish on my old 20051 for $30.
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