That drum track was awful...

you are allowed to use the bass drum you know. it would sound a lot better if you switched most of those Tom hits with a bass drum. But even so its very choppy and doesn't really follow the rhythm.

You had some great guitar riffs in there, though. I liked the lead in the interlude a lot but you probably could've turned it up a little bit, its totally inaudible to me unless I solo the lead track.
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anyway, i didn't really like the drum track, but everything else was awesome, and i can imagine the spoken word part being awesome.
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First thing I noticed, is in the intro, bar 4 the last note, needs to be strummed faster. The drums need to be completly redone, but I like everything else alot in the intro part 2 part. There's really nothing to crit on, everything, with the exception of the drums, is great.

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

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i really think you should rework the drums.

ya..i've re-worked the drums.. replace all those 45+41 notes with normal bass drum hits..