but i need the answer now
and im not going look through 2375923549237942 pages just for the answer

so i have recorded the guitar,bass and soon the drums for a cover song
now when im trying to record the vocals it stops just 25 seconds into the song
whats happening?
can anyone help me out?
help would be appreciated...
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add that:
You don't have to look through 1-329584235098347630894324799072309847325 pages for the answer. Just ask your question there. I would answer it for you though, if I knew why it was happening off the top of my head.
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Wait, first: You recorded instruments before drums?!?!

Try going in the task manager and elevating Audacity to a higher priority level, and closing any background applications. You may be using too much memory or something.
i know it may sound stupid but check to see if you havent accidetely hilighted the first 25 seconds
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