when i jam with my drummer friend i usually have my blues junior on the highest volume it can produce on master volume. when i play it, it always seems to produce a sharp ear hurting sound. not the loud volume ear hurting sound but whenever you strike a chord it has like a sharp sound it is kind of hard to explain. ive tried without pedals and with pedals. it doesnt do it when i play at low volume in my house. is it just the amp and i would need a higher wattage amp? or what?
????? my treble and mid is at about 8 or 9 and my bass is at 6
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????? my treble and mid is at about 8 or 9 and my bass is at 6

Turn the treble down?
maybee try lowering you pickups on the gbe side
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what is gbe/? oh btw it only seems to happen with my bridge pickup
its gunna depend on what guitar you have but to lower the pickup there should be a screw either side of it, they could be under a scratchplate or pickup cover though. Try messing with your eq first though, its most likely you've just got too much treble