Looking for the offical sheet music for cliffs of dover, offical transcription from one of eric johnsons books. If anyone does, Im looking for a copy, let me know, maybe we can trade copies of songs. Maybe i have a copy of a song you'd like, I have the following official sheet music books.

Metallica master of puppets - full album
metallica ride the lightning - full album
Guns n' roses anthology
Van Halen anthology
randy rhoads tribute.

i also have offical sheet music for slither and she build's quick machines.

Let me know, thanks
did you try torrenting the tab book or anything? otherwise, i have no idea where you'd find it, if google fails you.
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Hit up the tab talk forum

yeah, but kinda quiet in there, didn't get any responses.
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I'll ask Eric if he can get you some... brb

Seriously man just download it or get it off here they have an excellent tab for that song.
I could get the score of it from a Guitar Pro tab, and I'll see where it goes from there, I don't know if you could save it as just a readable sheet music page.