This amp is the Marshall 1959 HAND WIRED Plexi Reissue. Only about 1000 were made and it is now discontinued. is this amp really all that? or is it just another "new marshall"
the price does not matter to me i am ONLY asking about the quality of its tone. Is its crunch flimsy or what a real marshall's should be? do the cleans truely sparkle? or does it sound like playing through a tin can like some new marshalls.

The 1959HW is a handwired reissue of a circa 1967 100W Superlead head. Since 1967 when the JMP (Jim Marshall Products) Plexi panels were introduced, the Superlead head has been the benchmark for all-tube distortion and tight crunch. Tube lineup includes 4 EL34s in the power section and 3 ECC83s in the preamp. True bypass effects loop, 3-band EQ, and presence control.

Marshall 1959HW Handwired Plexi Head Features:

Handwired reissue of 1967 Superlead
4 EL34 power tubes
3 ECC83 preamp tubes
True bypass effects loop
3-band EQ
Presence control



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