Alright, one of the most common things I hear new guitar players saying is "my fingers are too short" or "I can't strum the strings fast enough". They all complain about this when standing but when sitting they play fine. I'm not complaining because I know that I'm still very new to guitar and have the exact same problem.
As as guitar player I have been playing for one year now, I've had no lessons and I'm completely self taught and I'm now at the stage of playing Machine Head and Trivium songs. I find when I play these sort of songs I can play them fine while sitting but standing up they seem to be harder.
e.g. To The Rats by Trivium is one of my main problems. I can get the speed of the riff no problem when sitting down but at band practices where I'm standing up I can't get it at all. I feel as though im almost completely missing the string but when I do hit the srings it's more of a pick scrape. I've heard so many people complain about the speed while standing up so I thought I'd turn to the UG community for help.
All answers/solutions are welcome.
well, you could always have your strap set at the same height as the guitar is while you're sitting or slightly lower (not cool for the kids to do it but you will be less likely to have problems later in life), keeping it above belt level. Shouldn't be too hard to play then. A lot of "shredders" play like this. Or you could practice standing up from now on and deal with the back and wrist pains later in life.
well dude you just get used to playing it i actually like to play my guitar while standing just under crotch level. so keep practicing at standing up to use a strap. and remember that everyone likes to have they guitar at different heights while playing