There is an opportunity at the moment for me to buy a 50w Marlin amp for around £30-40, however the amp was built in the 70's but amp is in good condition. Would it be a good idea to purchase this amp or would it be best to leave it as i have no idea what the disadvantages are that come with buying old amps. Many thanks!
Is it valve or solid state?

If it's a valve amp, it will probably need new valves. If it's solid state, it's probably not really worth it.
I think it is solid state. Would it be worth any hassle to get it serviced or is the price of doing so quite steep?
Eh... I'd go ahead and get it. Just see if it works well.
For an amp that cheap (I think that price translates to 70 or 80 bucks american?), with that reasonable wattage, I say go for it.
If it sucks, you could scrap the speakers and make an extra cab for your main amp.
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