I've recently started listening to Taking Back Sunday and I love them
I LOVE Cute without the E and Make Damn sure....

I LOVE Blink 182 too.......know every song!

Thats about as far as my knowledge of PP goes.......

Could ye recommend some good bands to me??? Give me the name of one of their best songs and I'll check them out

PS any other good songs by TBS

green day old stuff
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brand new (album: your favorite weapon)
alkaline trio
billy talent
less than jake
the matches

you might be particularly interested with brand new, as they grew up with the boys from TBS and had a lot of the same sound early on.
Whole bunch of 'em:

yellow card (ocean avenue),
acceptance (breathing),
green day (of course! basket case, christie road. Anything old will do, like damm_punks said),
simple plan (I'd do anything),
motion city soundtrack (the future freaks me out),
sum 41 (no Idea what song just a renowned band), NOFX (tainted love- punkrock cover, great version!),
Plain White T's (stop, Hate),
smile empty soul (bottom Of a bottle),
thirteen senses (into the fire),
Billy talent (red flag, where is the line etc.),
Good Charlotte (don't like them but maybe you do)

hope this helps, I like many different punk(-rock, -pop etc) bands so maybe I'll think up some more for you some time but for now this is all I can think of...
the Kung Fu girls (myspace.com/thekungfugirls)

Lit (purely amazing)
When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all
Good Charlotte
Simple Plan
Jonas Brothers

i can't think of any others right now...sorry.
i listen to metal/screamo so i dunno.
The Wonder Years
Four year strong
Set Your Goals
Mr T Experience
The Queers
The Lillingtons
The Riverdales
Saves the Day
New Found Glory
Screeching weasel
Teenage Bottle rocket
The Prozacs
The Smugglers
The Hi-Fives
Strung Out
Northstar - For Members Only, Pollyanna, Between Horns and Halos
Four Year Strong - Your Song, Go Long Dad, Catastrophe
Set Your Goals - Echoes, To Be Continued...
Rufio - Above Me, Still
Saosin - Seven Years
Thursday - Understanding In a Car Crash, Cross Out The Eyes
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Quote by headly
Could ye give me the names of a few of those bands best songs to download???

Just to add to the lists so far, haven't seen these two anywhere; Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate