All looks great. Save up for a real metal amp like Mesa BOogie or ENGL... Then you're pretty much set for ages.
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frickin' sweeeeeeet set up, although should get a bigger, better... metaller amp!!

& by the way, with those string gauges... what tuning do you use mainly??!
The cube is good, and so is the guitar. Although EMG's don't make much sense on a SS amp.
Once you get a nice metal tube combo, you'll be set to play whatever you want (metal I assume by the LTD and dropped tunings)
Call me Wes.
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Nice guitar bro....

and jesus 13s? I play in drop B and use 11's. You looking at upgrading an amp?
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i dont think grunge does metal :p

but i reckon the cube would do metal just fine

fukn love ur axe man!!! 81/60 for the fukn win!