I have an Epiphone SG-400 that I would like to put a Bigsby on. I was thinkng maybe the Bigsby B-5.

Do I need to do any routing or is this a surface-mount thing?
it's sufrace mounter, but it'll leave holes where your old stop tailpiece used to be
It does not require any routing to install a Bigsby. It is surface-mounted with 4 screws. Just make sure it have it lined-up right.
well, yeah. I mean you HAVE to drill the holes for the new Bigsby, but it's not like routing a seperate cavity for it or anything.

Also, to fill in the holes from the old stopbar, couldn't you just inject some wood-filler or something? (not that it really matters, just to hide the evidence)
You could drill out the holes from the stop bar, put in some glue and put in dowels that will fit in the holes. You'd have to remove the bushings first, of course. You would also have to either paint the dowels, or do an entire refinish.

Or you can take the lazy way out and take out the studs, but leave the bushings. 100% reversable.
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